pozole Rojo



Ingredients :

1.5 pounds pork ribs
1 pound pork neck bones
1.5 pounds pork shoulder
4 quarts water
1 white onion quartered
8-10 cloves of garlic
Mexican oregano
2 bay leaves
Chile sauce
7 guajillo
3 pasilla
6 Chile de arbol
1 ancho (because I had a random ancho laying around and decided to throw it in )
White onion rough chop
6 cloves of garlic
Mexican oregano
2 – 25 oz cans of hominy

Directions :

I simmered all ingredients for the pork for 2 hours until tender. I did skim to remove foam while pork was poaching. Removed pork and strained veggies. Shredded pork and set aside.
For the Chile sauce, I soaked dried Chile’s in boiling water for 30 minutes. Add to blender with rest of ingredients and added a little of the soaking water to purée. Strain Chile sauce through sieve into pork broth. Add hominy, pork and salt, let simmer half covered an additional 45 minutes.
In a spice grinder, I ground Chile de arbol with a little Mexican oregano to top soup alongside other traditional toppings.

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